Scientific production

H2020-SwafS 32-2020 Call: Support for the Research and Innovation Dimension of European Universities

Fostering Institutional Transformation of R&I Policies in European Universities

FIT FORTHEM is a Horizon 2020 project aimed at making FORTHEM Alliance a unique and united entity – a European University – not only with a strong higher education strategy, as developed within the Erasmus+ project, but also with a comprehensive research and innovation strategy and tight links to socio-economic environment.

FIT FORTHEM assist FORTHEM in turning into a breeding place of innovative thinking and entrepreneurial spirit. The unique characteristics of each institution are analysed and actions are devised according to specific needs.

This project fosters knowledge circulation and give researchers, research managers, early career academics, administrative staff and students a possibility to use services and upscale professional skills in various areas – from project management to open science, from human resources to science communication.


Pitarch-Garrido, Mª Dolores; Mendoza-Poudereux, Isabel (2022). FIT FORTHEM alliance universities selected good practices in R&I. Towards a European University. Publicacions de la Universitat de València. handle/10550/81858