Scientific production

Founded by the European Commission under Action No: 2020-EU-IA-0252

The IBERIFIER consortium aims to develop a media observatory to fight misinformation in Spain and Portugal. IBERIFIER is one of the eight regional nodes in Europe within the framework of the Digital Media Observatory (EDMO), whose objective is to develop a multidisciplinary platform to address the challenge of digital disinformation in Europe and its consequences.

Research reports

Carolina Moreno CastroMoreno-Castro, C., Crespo, M., (Coord.) et al. (2022). The impact of disinformation on the media industry in Spain and Portugal. Pamplona: IBERIFIER. https://doi.org/10.15581/026.001

Carolina Moreno CastroMoreno-Castro, C.; Baldi, V.; Azurmendi, A.; Paisana, M.; Iranzo-Cabrera, M.; Calvo, D.; Crespo, M.; Cabrera, Y.; Llorca-Abad, G.; Cardoso, G.; Hernández, P.; and Salaverría, R. (2023). IBERIFIER Report on political and legal aspects of disinformation in Portugal and Spain. Pamplona: IBERIFIER. https://doi.org/10.15581/026.004