Our goal

The objective of the ScienceFlows ScienceShop is to make available to organisations and professionals the knowledge acquired over the years on the social perception of science, scientific communication, risk communication and scientific culture.

Through the ScienceShop, the research team offers advice based on scientific knowledge in the social sciences to social, civic, cultural and educational entities. For this reason, we develop research and knowledge transfer projects that respond to social needs and demands, meeting the sustainable development objectives of the 2030 Agenda.


Social entities face problems in their daily work that require very specific knowledge to be specifically addressed. Asking a suitable research question, designing a research and offering practical conclusions allows many organisations to propose new solutions to continue developing their work.

For this reason, there are entities that propose that we carry out a research that answers a social question, as has already happened with the Federation of Mental Health Associations of the Valencian Community. They asked us: What was the image that was transmitted from the Facebook pages about mental health? And from ScienceFlows, we responded.

How are the projects we work on?

Projects with social interest

The projects and initiatives in which we collaborate have a marked social interest. Therefore, the initiatives must have a positive impact on public institutions or on broad sectors of the population and / or on vulnerable sectors of the population.
Journalistic construction of the mental health and attitude of Spanish people in the search and production of digital information

Projects based on scientific evidence

The ScienceFlows work is based on available scientific evidence. The projects that we coordinate and lead, as well as those in which we collaborate, are based on the scientific method. We participate in competitive national and international public calls. Our research results are first evaluated by the scientific community and then disseminated to society through our planned design of communication strategies.


In addition to formal education, both in the Degree in Journalism, and in the Official Master’s degrees in History of Science and Scientific Communication, and New Journalism, Political Communication and Knowledge Society, we participate in the Master’s Degree in Biomedical Research and in other programs Master’s Degree from the Universities of Oviedo, Autonomous of Madrid, or Pompeu Fabra University. We also organise and participate in academic activities.


2.1. Seminar on risk communication with students of the UVEG Degree in Journalism

Mental Health Conference, organised jointly with the Valencian Federation of Mental Health of the Valencian Community

Content curator

A reliable source of information capable of providing the data and context necessary to understand scientific advances and research is essential. For this reason, ScienceFlows offers journalists and communication professionals continuous advice and guides to discriminate reliable sources of information that allow developing science journalism of excellence.

Science dissemination and education

We collaborate in initiatives to promote scientific culture, dissemination and promotion of scientific vocations. We participate in talks and educational activities for schoolchildren, high school students and the adult population. We work with the UVEG’s Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit in various initiatives, both in research and dissemination.


Activities to promote scientific vocations

Our researchers have given talks in high schools in the framework of the International Day of Women and Girls in Science.

Science promotion activities

The ScienceFlows team collaborates on initiatives aimed at promoting scientific culture and bringing science closer to schoolchildren, high school and university students, and adults. Among the initiatives in which the team members have collaborated, the Experimenta Fair stands out.

Transfer activities

The results of our work and the collaborations in which we participate aim to offer answers to society. Therefore, the commitment of our initiatives requires that the final results are used by the stakeholders of the projects.


Through the ScienceShop, the ScienceFlows team offers institutions and research groups advice on how to effectively transfer the processes and results of scientific activity, both to stakeholders and to society.


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