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Funded by the European Commission from Horizon 2020 MSCA-IF-2019 (Grant Agreement n.888102)

Socio Economic deprivation related to effect of presence of Dependant older people: strategies for Innovative Policies in Europe” (SEreDIPE) 

This study is addressed to analyse the effects of the care needs of older people (aged 65+ years) on the socio-economic conditions of their family units. The study will connect two social issues particularly relevant in this historic period: ageing population and poverty risk. Both issues are two of current European challenges, because the European ageing population phenomena are characterised by the increasing rate of old persons with Active Daily Living (ADL) limitations and the related burden of care for their families who often are the main caregivers.


Carolina Moreno CastroCasanova, G.; Fernández-Salido, M.; Moreno-Castro, C. (2023) The Risk of Household Socioeconomic Deprivation Related to Older Long-Term Care Needs: A Qualitative Exploratory Study in Italy and Spain. Sustainability 2023,15, 15031. su152015031

Carolina Moreno CastroFernández-Salido, Mirian; Moreno-Castro, Carolina; Belleti, Francesco; Yghemonos, Stecy; Garcés-Ferrer, Jorge; Casanova, Georgia (2022) Innovating European Long-Term Care Policies through the Socio-Economic Support of Families: A lesson from PracticesSustainability 2022, 14 4097.

Carolina Moreno CastroCasanova, Georgia; Lillini, Roberto; Moreno-Castro, Carolina; Lamura, Giovanni (2022) Long-term needs and the risk of household poverty across Europe: A comparative secondary data studyResearch Square. September, 29. 10.21203/

Carolina Moreno CastroCasanova, Georgia; Martarelli, Rossella; Belletti, Francesco (2022) The impact of long-term care needs on the socioeconomic deprivation of older people and their families: results from a scoping review. Research Square, 19 December 2022, PREPRINT (Version 1) available at Research Square []

Research report

Carolina Moreno CastroCasanova, G., Garcés. J. Moreno-Castro, C. SEreDIPE project/European Commission (2023) The qualitative data: Experts Interviews and focus group transcriptions of the SEreDIPE studyValencia (Spain). The Research Institute on Social Welfare Policy (POLIBIENESTAR). University of Valencia.