Webinar: How to use the PERSIST ICT tool in training and scientific dissemination

Within the framework of the PERSIST project, the ScienceFlows research team in collaboration with Observa, Danmar Computers, Trnava University, the KIT Institute of Technology, the ICS Institute of Social Sciences and FyG consultants have developed a digital tool that allows measuring the change in the perception, beliefs, attitudes and opinions of people before and after participating in a scientific training activity.

This tool, which has already been used in the Virtual ScienceCamps held in Spain, Italy, Portugal, Poland and Slovakia is specially designed to be used in scientific training activities such as talks, round tables, workshops … therefore, it can be used both by secondary and higher education teachers with their students as well as by disseminators, journalists and staff of scientific institutions.

The platform allows evaluating the knowledge, perceptions, beliefs and attitudes of the participants in four areas: vaccines, climate change, genetically modified organisms and alternative and complementary medicines. In addition, it includes sociodemographic variables customizable to the needs of each training activity.

Training sessions

The webinar will last for an hour. It is free, although for organizational reasons it requires prior registration. Each of the sessions will have a special focus on each of the possible uses of the tool. In addition, the team, will also present the digital book that gathers some of the conclusions of the project. It also includes alternatives for the use of the platform.

New sessions

  • Thursday, 29 of April at 18:00 h CEST. Inscriptions at bit.ly/webinar-persit
  • Friday 30 of April at 16:00 h CEST. Inscriptions at bit.ly/webinar-persit