Paula von Polheim

Paula von Polheim

University of Valencia | Science Communicator


Paula von Polheim is an FPU PhD student in the Communication and Interculturality program at the University of Valencia, within the Department of Theory of Languages and Communication Sciences. In addition, she is a researcher in training at the Institute for Research in Social Welfare Policies. In 2019, she graduated as a student of Communication, with a mention in Journalism. She has completed the Master’s Degree in Social Communication of Scientific Dissemination of the International University of Valencia (2020). In 2021, she was hired by the University of Córdoba as a Communication and Writing Technician in the Scientific Culture and Innovation Unit, carrying out scientific dissemination work. Her line of research focuses on the Anglo-Hispanic communication of superfoods, which is part of the ESMODA-ECO National Project.


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