Cancer patient music therapy and anxiety

Cancer patient music therapy and anxiety


Selfa-Martínez, I. y Camaño-Puig, R. (2018). Paciente oncológico musicoterapia y ansiedad. Presencia. Revista Internacional de Salud Mental, Investigación y Humanidades, 14: e11676


Introduction: Anxiety is a psychological symptom present in all oncology patients. Music therapy has proven to be useful in the treatment of anxiety; therefore, we were committed to measuring changes in the degree of anxiety of the oncological patients treated in the Day Hospital of the Hospital Clínico Universitario of Valencia (Spain). Method: We split the sample into two groups, intervention and control. The questionnaire State-Trait Anxiety Inventory was completed in both groups, before and after the application of the music therapy. Results: It has obtained a greater decline in state and trait anxiety of the intervention group while in the control group practically did not change. Conclusions: The results have been similar to the results of other research using music therapy in the treatment of anxiety, which recommend its use with the cancer patient.


Nursing; Music therapy; Anxiety; Cancer; Oncology