The IBERIFIER consortium aims to develop a media observatory to fight misinformation in Spain and Portugal. IBERIFIER is one of the eight regional nodes in Europe within the framework of the Digital Media Observatory (EDMO), whose objective is to develop a multidisciplinary platform to address the challenge of digital disinformation in Europe and its consequences.

This platform will be a means of collaboration between verifiers and researchers that will allow addressing disinformation under criteria of excellence, independence and long-term sustainability. It will offer its services to digital media, social networks, advertisers and public institutions.

Create a multinational research hub on digital media covering Spain and Portugal, two countries with highly interconnected and far-reaching media ecosystems.

Perform a set of media literacy activities, aimed at various stakeholders, at national and multinational level.

Contribute to the detection, analysis and disclosure of harmful disinformation campaigns at national, multinational and EU level, and analysis of their impact on society and democracy.

Cooperate with national authorities in Spain and Portugal, for the monitoring of online platforms’ policies and digital media ecosystem.

Lines of work

  1. To investigate the characteristics and trends of the digital media of the Iberian system.
  2. To develop computer tools for the early detection of misinformation messages.
  3. To verify and deny the misinformation in the Iberian territory.
  4. To prepare strategic reports on misinformation threats for the Spanish and Portuguese authorities and for society in general.
  5. To work on media literacy initiatives aimed at journalists, communicators, young people and society as a whole.


The consortium is made up of 23 public and private entities, including 12 universities, 5 fact-checking agencies, and 6 institutions for strategic analysis, data science, and media research.

Universidad de Navarra

Projects' coordinator

Fact-checking agencies

Other research centers




  • Iberifier, observatorio contra la desinformación, echa a andar en PamplonaNoticias de Navarra


This project is funded by the European Union
Action No: 2020-EU-IA-0252
Agreement number: INEA/CEF/ICT/A2020/2381931
Execution period:2021-2023
Total funding: 1,47millions of euros