Study of Food Trends Through The Communicative Ecosystem ESMODA-ECO– (RTI2018-099663-B-I00). ). Since the 1960S, the so-called sociology of food and nutritional anthropology have investigated the causes of changes in eating habits from a historical perspective, based on food modernity, and characterised by food homogenisation. This field of research allows us to understand the causes of these changes in developed societies and their consequences.

In this line, food trends are reflected in daily habits, a key factor that directly affects the health status of people and, as a consequence, health spending. The improvement of these habits result in a healthier population and, therefore, in a decrease of the sanitary budget items, both in diagnoses and in pharmacological and/or surgical treatments, hospital admissions, etc.

To achieve these objectives, a methodology adjusted to the different investigations that will be carried out has been developed. The results obtained in these investigations will be compared to the data of the citizen perception studies of the CIS consumer surveys.



Universidad de Almería
Universidad Jaume I
Universidad Autónoma de Madrid


Funded: 42,350€
Project’s lifetime: 2019-2022