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On Sunday, April 22, the XIII edition of the Experimenta Fair-Contest 2018 was held convened and organised every year for thirteen years by the Faculty of Physics of the University of Valencia. This initiative aims to convert Secondary Education students (ESO girls and boys, Baccalaureate and Intermediate Training Cycles) into active and creative protagonists, showing their experiments in physics and technology to all audiences. The event will take place at the Príncipe Felipe Science Museum, in Valencia. During one morning, young students also become disseminators of science, since they explain the experiments selected for the fair to all the groups that approach each of the stands over two hours.

This year, there were many projects designed to make applications sustainable, either through the use of renewable energies or through the use of existing materials with a specific design to be used for other purposes, such as nanomaterials.

Students of ESO year 4 of Colegio La Purísima of Alzira with the Invisibility Portal Physics project


The Experimenta organising committee is formed by Chantal Ferrer Roca (coordination), Miguel V. Andrés, Jordi Vidal and Amparo Pons. The Spanish Foundation for Science and Technology (FECYT-MEIC), the Principe Felipe Science Museum, the Valencia City Council, IFIC-Excelencia S. Ochoa, the Spanish Royal Society of Physics, the Chair for Scientific Dissemination, the Delegation for university integration, the Center of Education and Quality (UV), the Equality Unit; the Arquimedes Physics Working Group, the Scienceflows Group, the Physics Education Specialised Group (RSEF), and other external entities among which Caixa Popular, APTCV, and Analog Devices and Prodel stand out.

Students of ESO year 4 with the Nanotechnology project to clean Oceans, of the Sacred Family College of Massamagrell


It is worth highlighting the enthusiasm of all the winners, but beyond the awards what is really interesting is how young people are passionate about their experiments and how they tell the public about them. Very exciting, really.

On Scienceflows we support all activities that are carried out to promote scientific activity and, in this case, we have cooperated with the dissemination of the event through social networks and with its improvement in the design of the evaluation survey. We greatly appreciate the effort and work of our colleagues from the UV Faculty of Physics (Chantal Ferrer, Miguel V. Andrés, Jordi Vidal and Amparo Pons), as well as the rest of the university students volunteers (around 90), so that the fair was a success. We also want to thank all the funding entities for trusting the event.


Students of Baccalaureate in technology year 2, from the IES Peñagolosa of Castellón, present the Sustainable Water Treatment Project.

To access the list of award-winning projects, enter this web page and you will find all the information available: