The Faculty of Physics convenes the XVI Experimenta Fair for the dissemination of science and the promotion of STEM projects in secondary education

The Faculty of Physics of the University of Valencia has convened the XVI edition of the Fair-Competition of experiments and demonstrations of Physics and Technology aimed at students of ESO, training cycles and baccalaureate. Registration is open until February 1.

The objective of the Fair is that individually or in groups of a maximum of 4 components and with the help of the teachers, the students prepare an experimental project in the STEM field, show it and explain it. Although the proposals can belong to any field or topic, it is essential that they highlight some physical principle or its practical application, and especially its interrelation.

Se establecen dos modalidades de participación y concurso: demostraciones y experimentos de física y proyectos de aplicaciones tecnológicas.

Two modalities of participation and contest are established: demonstrations and experiments in physics and projects of technological applications.

Registration is open until February 1 in the two participation modalities: demonstrations and experiments in physics and projects of technological applications. Students of ESO, training cycles and bachelor can enroll in groups of up to four people or individually and with the help of teachers.

As explained by the organizing committee “innovation and technological development of the future depend to a great extent on curiosity and enthusiasm to know and understand everyday fundamentals”. For this reason, fairs such as experiments that allow acquiring familiarity with reality and putting into play the ability to discuss and relate what they observe with the principles of physics and with technological applications are fundamental.

The fair will take place on April 25 at the Valencia Science Museum, following all the health safety measures established by the authorities. However, the organization has also contemplated the possibility of the call being held partially in person or not in person in case the authorities establish limitations in this regard.

The Fair will take place on April 25 at the Valencia Science Museum, following all the established security measures and provided that epidemiological conditions allow it.

Participantes en la Fira Experimenta de 2019. Imagen cedida por Fira Experimenta


There will be five awards for the projects presented at the fair. Four of them valued at € 300 and the most voted by the visiting public, with 200. Different honorable mentions will also be awarded. In addition, prizes will be awarded to teachers’ departments with winning projects: materials for the assembly of physics or technology experiences.

Desde el comité organizador del evento se remarca que el buen funcionamiento, la correcta comprensión del trabajo por parte de los concursantes y la claridad de las explicaciones serán los aspectos más valorados. Al acabar la feria se celebrará la entrega de premios.

XVI Experimenta Fair 

This initiative has a competitive project from Fundación Española para la Ciencia y la Tecnología (FECYT-MICINN), in addition, it has other suppport entities as the Museo de las Ciencias Príncipe Felipe de Valencia, el Ayuntamiento de Valencia, the IFIC, the Real Sociedad Española de Física, the Unidad de Cultura Científica y de la Innovación, la Delegación para la Incorporación a la UV, the Centro de Formación y Calidad, and the Unidad de Igualdad de la UV, el Grupo de Trabajo de Física Arquímedes, the grupo ScienceFlows, and external institutions as Caja Popular, APTCV and Analog Devices.

Experimenta was born in 2005 with the goal of actively and creatively involving students in the World Year of Physics. The enthusiasm of the contestants and visitors was extraordinary and helped transform the event into an annual event.

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