II Conference on Media and Mental Health

Cartel II MMCC Salud MentalAfter the success of the I Conference on Media and Mental Health, the second edition was held today in the Faculty of Philology, Translation and Communication. On this conference, the importance of the media in topics and news related to mental health has been delved into. The ability and importance of the journalist to contribute to the elimination of discrimination and stigma suffered by people with mental illness has been highlighted.

The first round table, entitled “Mental Health in the Media”, was formed by Juan Cruz (writer and journalist in El País), Concha Tejerina (editor in Agencia EFE) and Alejandro Guillén Gómez (communication and awareness technician in the Spanish Mental Health Confederation). In this session, we have reviewed the errors that are usually committed in the media when they deal with news related to mental health, which, as has been reflected, have as a consequence a stigmatisation of people suffering from these diseases. To solve these situations, the specific proposals of the style guide, prepared by the Spanish Confederation of Groups of Relatives and Persons with Mental Illness (FEAFES), have been presented, which explains in detail the best way to communicate each time.

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Round table “Mental Health in the Media”

The second round table, entitled “Impact on the Media: Stigma and Human Rights”, was formed by Anna Juan Roch (journalist specialised in health and social networks), Inmaculada Rius Sanchis (professor at the CEU-Cardenal Herrera University of Valencia, GIDYC researcher and member of the OBSER) and Begoña Frades García (psychiatrist in the Autonomic Office of Mental Health of the CV). Moderated by Carolina Moreno (Journalism professor at the University of Valencia), this session began addressing the image of depression and of words related to mental health in the most popular social networks, as well as the use of these words in social networks.

The conference was organised by the Mental Health Federation of the Valencian Community and the Valencian Association for the Rehabilitation and Insertion of People with Mental Illness (AVRISEM). The event was sponsored by the Janssen laboratories and endorsed by the University of Valencia and the ScienceFlows research group.




This second edition had a great reception by the public again and aroused interest among journalism students. These symptoms are the ones that suggest the continuity of this conference with a future edition.


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