The Iberian Digital Media Observatory (IBERIFIER Plus) aims to expand the ongoing activities of IBERIFIER (www.iberifier.eu), the Iberian hub established in 2021 dedicated to researching and combating disinformation in Spain and Portugal. Composed of a highly experienced and qualified consortium of 25 partners and 1 associate partner, the new hub plans to engage in fact-checking in three languages (Portuguese, Spanish, and Catalan) while exploring artificial intelligence (AI) technologies for early disinformation detection. It will also analyse the impacts of disinformation, particularly in the digital media ecosystem, and promote media literacy. Thus, IBERIFIER Plus covers all the key objectives of the Call, including actively engaging with EDMO, fact-checking harmful disinformation, conducting research on disinformation’s impact on society, supporting media literacy campaigns, monitoring online platform policies, and enhancing communication efforts.

Working lines

The ScienceFlows-UVEG team leads Work Package 5, Code of Practice Monitoring, which aims to analyze the adherence and implementation of digital platforms to the policies outlined in the European Union’s Code of Practice against disinformation. In this way, the goal is to tackle disinformation and contribute to the creation of a robust digital ecosystem.


The consortium is composed of 25 public and private entities, including 13 universities, 6 fact-checking agencies, and 6 institutions specializing in strategic analysis, data science, and media research.

Universidad de Navarra

Project's coordinator

Fact checkers and news agencies

Research centres