How We Learn Science Beyond the School

CAROLINA MORENO CASTRO//Previous research shows that people’s science education experiences vary greatly depending on their circumstances. Age, gender, and culture are essential in engaging with science outside the school. Therefore, we want to understand these dynamics better to identify innovative initiatives and best practices that promote science learning across all sectors of society inclusively and equitably.

The project Science Education Out School (SEOS) is a collective effort to explore how people of all ages learn about science in contexts outside the conventional educational environment. We have launched a survey directed at the general audience to achieve this. Your experiences and opinions on how people learn about science content in settings outside the school are essential. Whether you stay scientifically updated through online tutorials, podcasts, video games, magazines, social networks, etc., all these activities are part of the enormous universe of non-formal and informal science education. Your perspective is crucial for this project, as it will help us shape the future of science learning.

With the SEOS project, we aim to analyse the situation in detail and compare global educational practices outside the classroom. We are conducting all this thanks to Cornell University’s support and funding from the Ministry of Science, Innovation, and Universities of the Government of Spain (PRX22/00114).

We invite you to participate in our survey and share your experiences.

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We thank you in advance for your participation in the survey. With your help, we will improve our understanding of how science is learned outside the school and how we can make this learning even more inclusive and effective.