Valencian Mental Health Federation

The ScienceFlows research group, at the initiative of the Valencian Mental Health Federation, carried out a study whose objective was the representation of mental health in the media.

Analysing the content of the digital press, studying Google searches, as well as Facebook pages dedicated to mental health, allowed the team to offer some conclusions:

  1. Although the presence of news and negative representations on mental health is not the majority, they are present in the media sphere in a way that contributes to the creation of stigma
  2. The spread of negative stereotypes has a greater impact on the fixation of false beliefs and prejudices.
  3. It is not only necessary to stop producing negative news and images, but also to make visible and attract attention to positive issues. In this way, apart from avoiding harm, we contribute to the reconstruction and regeneration of those stereotypes that both affect and offend the community.

The complete study and the conclusions of the work are available on the ScienceFlows website.

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