Conference of doctor Mario Alonso Puig on leadership in a VUCA world

On May 12, members of the ESTENAS team attended the conference that Dr. Mario Alonso Puig gave at the ESIC Business & Marketing School’s main hall. Alonso is a specialist in general surgery and of the digestive system, as well as a professor and speaker, expert in leadership, creativity, and business innovation. Entitled Liderazgo en un mundo VUCA: Una enseñanza imprescindible (“Leadership in a VUCA world: An essential education”), Dr. Alonso addressed concepts such as leadership, success and healthy lifestyle habits, and stressed the importance of maintaining a balance between reason and emotions.

Later, we were able to discuss aspects related to medicine, emotions and alternative therapies. With regard to the connection of medicine and emotions, Dr. Alonso pointed out that, increasingly, medical science attaches greater importance to emotions, especially because the investigations in this sense are conclusive. “Emotional states are bodily states, since feelings can alter bodily states. And since some bodily states favour health and others harm it, medicine is paying attention to emotions, to the ability to promote healing, simply, through the encounter with another human being, through that relationship of affection and complicity that produce the feeling that together they can achieve the goal of overcoming a disease.”


On the other hand, he was in favour of using alternative therapies that studies consider beneficial for the human being, such as yoga, meditation and mindfulness, but always as a complement to traditional medicine. “There are cases in which the Western way of understanding the human body is challenged and which, nevertheless, have great value. Therefore, the debate does not lie in whether conventional medicine or alternative therapies are better. It is about working with both possibilities. It is not the one or the other; it is the one and the other. We have to use the best of both worlds. A Western world aimed at destroying the bacteria, the virus or the tumour cell and an Eastern world focused on making hostile the place where that virus, bacteria or tumour cell is located. Complementary therapies help the body to be more hostile to the infection, the tumour…”

Likewise, Dr. Alonso believes that the human being has a great potential for self-healing. “It has the most important medications inside. It is able to secrete endorphins which are a powerful analgesic, dopamine, which generates enthusiasm and illusion, serotonin, that produces happiness and calmness. Also, we have an extremely complex immune system. When a human being faces a disease and feels that inside it has the capacity and the necessary elements to face it, the immune system is much more aggressive. Mood influences the response of the human body to the disease.”