Methodological triangulation to obtain truly interesting results

Methodological triangulation to obtain truly interesting results


Moreno-Castro, C. (2014). “Methodological triangulation to obtain truly interesting results”. Panel featured at the 13th International Public Communication of Science and Technology Conference. 5th-8th May, 2014, Salvador, Brazil.


The study I’m presenting is a reflection on the research I’ve undertaken over the last twenty years in the field of science communication. During this time, I’ve carried out content analyses on science-related news items, analysed the results of various science and technology social perception studies and undertaken a number of interviews to support the studies published. However, for five years now, I’ve observed a pressing need to use various data collection methods to obtain more accurate (or precise) results which reveal very subtle nuances with respect to the research, even though these are not statistically significant. My point of view is to use qualitative and quantitative data collection techniques, not exclusively, but linked, to improve the results of the analyses undertaken, using methodological triangulation as a rule to obtain better results.

Key words

Research, methodology, triangulation data collection.