Team members

Scienceflows Team

In ScienceFlows, the participants are researchers from the University of Valencia, the ESIC Business&MarketingSchool of Valencia, the University Jaume I, the Autonomous University of Madrid, University of Almeria and University of Otago. One of the highlighted characteristics of this group is its multidisciplinarity, for the professionals who compose it come from the areas of Health Sciences, Engineering, Education Sciences and Social Sciences. 

Research Team

Carolina Moreno Castro

Main researcher | University of Valencia

Carmen González Canalejo

Researcher I Universidad de Almería

Carmen Ropero Padilla

Investigadora I Universitat Jaume I

Empar Vengut Climent

Researcher | Media contact | University of Valencia

Fabien Medvecky

Senior Lecturer in Science Communication | University of Otago

Isabel Mendoza Poudereux

Researcher | University of Valencia

Javier Ordóñez Rodríguez

Researcher | Autonomous University of Madrid

Lorena Cano Orón

Researcher | University of Valencia

Miguel Jesús Rodríguez Arrastia

Researchers I Universitat Jaume I

Myriam Martí Sánchez

Researcher | ESIC Business & Marketing School

Rafael Crespo-García

Researcher | University of Valencia

Rafael Tuesca Molina

Researcher I Universidad del Norte

Vanessa Roger Monzó

Researcher | ESIC Business & Marketing School

Yolanda Cabrera García-Ochoa

Researcher | University of Valencia